Pinnacle Accounting & Finance, LLC


Pinnacle Accounting & Finance, LLC, Pittsburgh's fastest growing accounting & finance executive search firm, opened their doors in 2012. Founded by two accountants, the company's leaders concentrated their efforts and time on what they knew how to do best: revenue generation and cost management to ensure financial sustainability. As with most small start-ups, Pinnacle had a logo designed, developed business cards, and hired a friend to design a website. With the majority of the founders time tied up in day-to-day operations, they had little time to concentrate their efforts on developing a formal brand image for the company.

Pinnacle worked with iDC’s Creative Director, Allison Simmons, to evaluate the company’s current marketing strategy and develop materials to demonstrate the company’s growth and expertise within their respective industry. Brand Development efforts included:

Logo Redesign

Redesign of the original logo incorporating basic elements to ensure continuity of brand identification.

Marketing Materials

Development of marketing materials including business cards, brochure, product sheets, and custom folder.

Internal Stationary & Documentation

Utilizing the new logo and established color scheme, ensure all internal documentation including letterhead, employee handbook, internal memo’s, etc. aligns with developed brand guidelines.

Website Modification

Update the website to reflect new brand guidelines, assess navigability, and provide recommended enhancements to website structure and content development.

Why is Brand Development crucial for developing companies?

As a company grows the need to expand the potential consumer base does, as well. Indirect marketing through a website and referrals is a great way to connect with these potential consumers. That being said, unlike the company’s previously established professional relationships, potential consumers lack a personal connection or sense of trust with a company. A website or marketing materials can then serve as a first impression for these individuals. If a website is difficult to navigate or is visually unappealing, a company could miss out on potential business to a competitor who has “knocked their socks off”.

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