BRI & Associates, Inc.


BRI & Associates, Inc., is a Search and Recruitment Firm specializing in providing Wisconsin companies superior accounting talent acquisitions. BRI & Associtates, Inc. contacted Intelligent Design Collaborative seeking to improve the company's online presence to attract, retain, and interact with the company's candidates and clients.

Newsletter Design and Email Marketing

To improve communication with BRI & Associate's extensive candidate network, we assisted BRI & Associates with developing monthly email campaigns. Each email campaign promotes interaction with candidates and provides exposure for the opportunities the company is working on for its clients. Each month BRI & Associates additionally receives email campaign delivery reports providing insights into how many people opened and interacted with the email.

Social Media Marketing

We reviewed where the company's clients and candidates interacted most online and the types of content they interacted with. Once we determined which Social Media platforms we would target, we aligned BRI & Associates' brand image across all platforms and developed a routine Social Media marketing schedule diversifying content to ensure consistent interaction with each platform.