Amanda Cowan

NameAmanda Cowan
SkillsPublicist, Editor, Content Writer
Amanda is a dedicated writer, content manager, social media manager, marketing manager and publicist with a strong sense of wanderlust and spontaneity. With six years of experience, professional performance and networking in the music and lifestyle industries, she has had the opportunity to wear many hats and hold a variety of different positions. From content writing and editing, artist management to publicity – she's always treating interviews, features, networking events and new opportunities with equal passion.

Her intrinsic love of culture and lifestyle, curiosity for new places and panache for writing and public relations have melded to create who she is today.

When not discovering new electronic music, writing about underground artists or planning her next pilgrimage, you can find her kickstarting her non-profit (Diamond and a Dream), discovering new restaurants and craft breweries, exploring new cities, scoping out the hidden coffee shops around town and maintaining her title as “a work-from-home stay-at-home hipster mom”.